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"at times completely terrifying." The Stage

"physically vivid and playful rendition" britishtheatreguide.info

"I particularly liked ... Martin Foreman's Luka" playstosee.com

"welcome cameo ... suitably mysterious, baffling and comic" viewsfromthegods.co.uk

Playwright / Director

"utterly convincing portraits of love " Broadway World

"emotionally charged and thought-provoking theatre"
The Gay UK

"a masterclass on the art of the monologue" Beige

"writes with great elegance, his words always deeply poetic" Views from the Gods
"compellingly wheezing, sepulchral version of Uncle Fester" All Edinburgh Theatre                        



Ben Jonson's Volpone adapted and directed by Martin Foreman

He's dying to get rich

In this classic farce wealthy Volpone seeks to become wealthier still by persuading the rich citizens of Venice he is dying, so they will give him presents to become his sole heir.

I am adapting and directing Volpone for the Edinburgh Fringe. If you want to audition for a part or backstage, contact me.

J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown

Edinburgh Fringe 2016

"fine resurrection of a gem...Thoroughly enjoyable!"

"well acted and craftily staged"

"carefully builds up an atmosphere"

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Kevin Pickering Close to the Bone

Roy in Close to the Bone
a short film from
writer/director Kevin Pickering
producer Lewis Wardrop
commissioned by

Creative Scotland

as part of Scottish Shorts 2016

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Apart from half-hearted and ill-informed attempts to act and direct when at school and university, and a brief run of one of my plays in the 1990s, my theatrical career only began in 2011. For about eighteen months I appeared regularly in fringe theatre and short films in London, specialising in menacing or eccentric characters in late middle-age. These included Charles the Wrestler in As You Like It, a psycopathic murderer in Clouds of Grey, an eccentric wanderer in The Lower Depths ("I particularly liked Martin Foreman's Luka") and a tormented priest in Angel. After a year's break, I returned to the stage in April 2014 as a mysterious Commuter in A Man Who Lost His Mind ("suitably mysterious, baffling and comic"). My most recent stage appearance was in November 2015 as Austen Skate in Alan Ayckbourn's Wildest Dreams at the Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh, where I now live ("a compellingly wheezing, sepulchral version of Uncle Fester"). I took part in a student film, Death of Hearing, in November 2016 (see gallery) and appear as Roy in Close to the Bone, a short film to be released in 2017


I have brought my own writing to the stage. With two novels and two short story collections already published, in 2012 I began converting some of my stories into one-(wo)man plays. That year I won the annual Solo Festival Award for New Writing. Since then several of my one-character plays have appeared on the stage in London; three (Angel, Now We Are Pope and Tadzio Speaks . . . ) were produced at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014. These three scripts were published in 2015 and are available here. In November 2016 they will be joined by the scripts for Californian Lives (click link on the right).

My plays usually feature characters at a crisis in their lives - often unwittingly revealing themselves to strangers. My writing is dense, driven by character and often manifest in deep, poetic language. There is humour in my work, but the strongest quality is the tragedy of the human condition. In general, older audiences appreciate my work; those whose experience of life is limited are often distracted by the superficial story and do not see the strong currents of emotion and experience that push the narrative along.


I began directing in 2013, with Christopher Annus and Christopher Peacock as willing and talented guinea pigs in the three one-man plays listed above, with successful productions in London and Edinburgh. In 2016 I directed J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown, firstly for The Grads as part of the Scottish Community Drama Association's One-Act Festival - it reached the Eastern Divisional Finals and was awarded the SCDA Bob Buchanan Salver. Later in the year Arbery Productions brought it to the Edinburgh Fringe where it achieved near sell-out audiences and four-star reviews. I am currently adapting the script - with some changes of gender - and directing Ben Jonson's Volpone for the Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group ("The Grads") at the 2017 Fringe. Contact me for more details.

In real life . . .

When not writing and directing, my time is taken up with Arbery Books, an online business specialising in rare and antiquarian books and ephemera. It specialises in gay, lesbian, transgender and sexuality issues, with a very small collection of antiquarian books and Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I also write a very occasional blog on my theatrical work and similar issues and from time to time update Twitter. I no longer post on Facebook.

Moving on

The links above lead to other pages on this website, with details of productions I have been involved in and my acting career. Samples of my fiction and non-fiction appear on martinforeman.com

Thanks for spending time here. I appreciate your interest.
My playscripts from
Arbery Publications

Angel Take This Body Martin Foreman

Angel: Take This Body

Californian Lives by Martin Foreman

Californian Lives:
Three one-(wo)man plays

Now We Are Pope Frederick Rolfe Martin Foreman

Now We Are Pope:
Frederick Rolfe in Venice

Tadzio Speaks . . .
Death in Venice Revisited

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